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Love working with data again.

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Do you feel like you waste time on the wrong data tasks?

Do you feel you can never seem to migrate off old systems? Do you feel you never have time to adopt new technologies? Do you you work with data, but lack datajoi in your life?

Love working with

data again.

Datajoi is a Data Operations (DataOps) platform that brings together the industry standards in data ecosystem tooling, maturity, capability, and best practices to data teams.

Data teams struggle to create an end-to-end data ecosystem that gives them clarity and confidence in their data, analysis, models, workflows, and everything else associated with data operations.

Datajoi builds on open standards and leans into the future of the data ecosystem to enable teams to be creative and innovative with less technical and data debt that holds data teams back.

Make Hard Things Simple.

datajoi's mission is to elevate the data organizations and peoples experience with their data ecosystem. Allowing data teams to move past their technical data debt enables data teams to be innovative rather than inundated.

Build Data Products with Confidence.

Data teams don’t need the bleeding edge of everything, or anything for that matter; datajoi raises the bar and brings an end-to-end experience that teams of varying maturity and tooling can adopt and build upon.

Do it like the pros.

Datajoi aims to build a Data Operations platform that builds on the best that Open Source offers and delivers an experience using that software data teams need and deserve. Turning those Pains into Gains!

A Better Data Experience

There are various levels of capability and maturity for data teams and organizations. But that does not exclude any of them from doing data things correctly. Datajoi aims to give data users the tools and augmented help to follow best practices and industry standards. So that, data teams can build toward a data maturity model that produces their desired result, whatever it may be.

Turn your data problems around with datajoi.

Create a shared data understanding. Build a data community. Innovate with datajoi.

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