Your Data +

Our AI = datajoi

datajoi is a Chrome Browser extension SQL Client. That redefines how you experience data.

"Given AI is here, if you’re not adopting AI to automate and augment your data users and data products or analytics. We can help with that. We can help you find datajoi."

David Wrench, datajoi Founder

Too Much Data and not Enough Answers?

datajoi helps data users, teams, and organizations get to the answers already in their data. Without recreating endless dashboards and reports.

Dashboard are Dead…

Let your data tell the story.

You just need to ask questions. datajoi does the rest.

Data Teams Deserve Better

  • Simplify Your Data Journey: Navigate through the complexities of data storage, access, and analysis with our intuitive platform.

  • Empower Your Decisions with AI: Unleash the power of AI to forecast trends, streamline operations, and convert raw data into smart decisions, all in record time.

  • Trust in Top-Tier Security: Your data deserves the best protection. Our robust security measures and scalable solutions ensure your data's integrity as your business expands.

Love working with data again.

Turn your data problems around with datajoi.

Create a shared data understanding. Build a data community. Innovate with datajoi.

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